Parents Upset Over How Islamic Subject Taught on 9/11 at Arkansas Middle School


HOT SPRINGS, AR — The parent of a Fountain Lake Middle School student wishes the subject of religion had been approached much differently on the anniversary of the terror attacks.

Specifically wanting to be notified if a complex topic concerning religion is brought up.

“Faith is a really important part of our family and in our lives,” said Donald Laymon.

So if such an important subject, as religion, is entered into in a public school, like he said he only wants to be made aware.

Instead, he found out only after the fact when his children showing him a snapshot of what they learned on Sept. 11.

“There was a picture floating around where they took a picture of the outline the teacher had on her board,” said Laymon.

The outline was a brief summary titled “The Fundamentals of Islam,” a subject he not necessarily is upset was introduced in class, but he says he does have a problem with the spontaneous nature it was brought up.

“When you’re teaching in a public setting we need to be careful it’s from an unbiased area,” he said.

School officials declined an on camera interview but said students began asking questions about the religion after watching educational programs about 9/11 in the classroom.

The superintendent for the school district said this wasn’t meant to create controversy, but instead to teach the children tolerance to other religions.

“It’s a very sensitive subject especially on 9/11, and I think it was a very poor time,” he said. “And possibly the teacher could have said, ‘These are all great questions, let’s come back next week and talk to your parents,'” he suggested.

Laymon said this goes both ways, and he wouldn’t want a discussion on Christianity thrown together.

The school district said they stand behind the teacher and her lesson.


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