8-Year-Old Christian Boy Raped By a Muslim

Excerpted from Pakistan Christian Post: Pakpattan, Punjab; September 8, 2013. (PCP) In Pakistan where Christian and Hindu women are abducted and sold as sex-slaves by Muslims, now Christian male children are not safe now.

On September 7, 2013, when a Christian student of grade 4th Zubair Salamat aged 8 years was going to school when a Muslim man kidnapped him and forcibly took him in his cattle shed and committed sodomy with him.

Rao Mohammad Waqas, child rapist left Zubair Salamat unconscious in his shed from where some people took him to District Headquarters Hospital Pakpattan.

Mr. Javed Sahotra advocate along with pastors Ayub, Yaqoob Amanat and other Christian community members protested and condemned this brutal act and visited police station Farid Nagar Pakpattan to lodge First Information Report FIR against Muslim Child rapist.

The police filed FIR and arrested Mohammad Waqas for further investigation.


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