Palestinian Authority using U.S dollars to give ‘grants’ to terrorists

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry meets with Palestinian President Abbas in Istanbul

Excerpted from BizPac Review: Don’t expect a thank you from the terrorists who just received some of your tax dollars in the form of a “grant.”

By law, U.S. aid can’t go to “terrorists or former terrorists,” but the Palestinian Authority found a way around that pesky inconvenience in the form of “Dignified Life Grants,” Fox News reported.

The authority has taken $15 million of the $148 million in aid we just gave them and are giving grants to the 5,000 convicted terrorist prisoners recently released by Israel in a “show of good faith by the Jewish state to bolster the Middle East peace process,” Palestinian Media Watch reported, according to Fox.

In July, President Obama signed an executive order approving an additional $148 million in aid be given to the Palestinian Authority, on top of the usual $400 million the U.S. gives annually.

According to the article, conservative critics are speaking out:

Andrea Lafferty, president of the Traditional Values Coalition, a national conservative organization, turned up the rhetorical heat a few degrees further, telling, “The Israelis were wrong to release these murderers and Obama is wrong to pay them a bonus for their evil actions. No good can come with any cooperation with the Palestinian Authority.

“These are repeat, serial terrorists and murderers that we have been funding. And the more we learn about the twisted foreign policy of the Obama Administration, the better we understand why the president is so inept to handle any issue foreign or domestic.”

“It’s not certain our specific dollars are finding their way into terrorists’ or former terrorists’ pockets but – at the least – it’s freeing funds for the P.A. to do these types of things,” Jim Phillips from the Heritage Foundation told “

“The Palestinians will argue this money is not fungible, but the fact that they are making these grants is a sign to me that the P.A. has plenty of money and maybe the U.S. should be scaling back its aid to the organization,” he said


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