Colorado Town Overwhelmed With Drone Hunting License Requests

Shooting Drones

Excerpted from BizPac Review: The measure hasn’t even been approved, but the town of Deer Trail, Colo. has more applications for drone hunting licenses than it can process – nearly 1,000 at last count.

Shooting a droneVoters in Deer Trail will decide whether to allow the controversial idea of issuing hunting licenses to shoot down drones next month, according to NBC News.

The idea was brought to the town board by resident Phillip Steel, who drafted an ordinance that would create hunting licenses and offer bounties for anyone who shoots a drone down in this community, located about 60 miles east of Denver.

Steel is opposed to drones of any type flying over his town, but while it is against the law to destroy federal property, he said it is probably merely a symbolic ordinance.

After the town board failed to decide the matter in a tie vote of 3-3, the measure was moved to a vote of the 380 resident voters in Deer Trail, according to Fox News.

Town Clerk Kim Oldfield said the town has been inundated with applications for the permits. She has received $25 checks from all over the country — from as far away as Britain and Canada. “I stopped counting when it hit 985,” she said, according to NBC News. “Our intention is really not to allow people to shoot things out of the sky.”

Oldfield is holding the uncashed checks until voters decide the issue, and if it doesn’t pass, the payments will be returned.

Steel said that while some see it as a novelty, he is serious about the surveillance state aspect. He is selling his own mock permits online, has already sold about 150 and donated part of the proceeds to the town.


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