Syrian Army Commander Who Cut Out The Heart Of Government Soldier & Ate It, Vows Genocide


Excerpted from FRONT PAGE MAG

Time Magazine has obtained an exclusive interview with Khalid al Hamad, a commander of the Omar al Farouk brigade of the Free Syrian Army, who was caught on video trying to eat a dead Syrian soldier’s heart.And the Islamist cannibal tells Time that he…

1. Thought he was eating a liver not a heart (or lungs?), which puts him in slightly more logical Hannibal territory

2. Was outraged by a naked video on the dead soldier’s cell phone

3. Wants to kill all the Neo-Shiite Alawites

The video, a 27-second clip in which al Hamad brandishes organs that appear to be the lungs and heart of the Syrian soldier who lies dead at al Hamad’s feet, was first seen by two TIME reporters in April.

Al Hamad has now confirmed that the video is real, and that he did indeed take a bite of the soldier’s lung. (At the time of the filming, al Hamad believed that he was biting into the liver. A surgeon who has seen the video confirms that the organ in question was a lung, which somewhat resembles the liver).

Al Hamad, who is Sunni and harbors a sectarian hatred for Alawite Muslims, said he has another gruesome video of his killing a government soldier from the Alawite faith.

Hopefully we will slaughter all of them [Alawites]. I have another video clip that I will send to them. In the clip I am sawing another Shabiha [pro-government militiaman] with a saw. The saw we use to cut trees. I sawed him in small pieces and large ones.” Al Hamad also explained that even though both sides of the conflict in Syria are using video clips of their own brutal actions to intimidate the other he believes that his clip would have particular impact on the regime’s troops.

“They film as well but after what I did hopefully they will never step into the area where Abu Sakkar is,” he said, using his nom de guerre and referring to the part of Syria he currently controls.

Cheerful stuff. Let’s get this man some RPGs.

Time identifies the Islamist cannibal as a commander of the Omar al Farouk brigade. Despite being known as the Independent Omar al-Farouq Brigade, they are one of the largest units of the Free Syrian Army.

The Farouk Brigade has been described as “Moderately Islamist.” In other words, these are the people we would be giving weapons to if Obama decides to arm the Syrian rebels.

While Khalid al Hamad’s cannibalism seems bizarre and demented, there are unfortunately precedents. Syrian soldiers, before the Six Day War, were shown biting the heads off cats and dogs in ceremonies demonstrating their valor.

Two years ago, Rumsfeld posted a video given to him by Saddam which featured Syrian soldiers biting the heads off snakes and stabbing puppies to death while Assad Sr. watches.

Hamad just took this to the next level.


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