Fox News Inks Exclusive 6-Year Deal with SiriusXM


Excerpted from Mediaite: Fox News announced Wednesday that it had signed an exclusive contract with SiriusXM, making the satellite radio company the sole audio provider of Fox News and Fox Business Channel. The deal will also make Fox available through all Sirius’ internet and mobile apps, which total up to 25 million listeners.

The deal extends until August of 2019, and includes FOX News Talk, an internet radio channel that features Fox News personalities, call-ins, and listener commentary.

“We are very happy to be the exclusive audio provider of FOX News and FOX Business Network, and to be able to bring them to our subscribers, on satellite and for the first time through our streaming platform via our App and online, for many years to come,” SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer said in a press release. “FOX News is an undeniable force in news, and its personalities attract a large audience nationwide. Keeping its distinctive voice in our powerful program offering, and adding those of FOX Business and FOX News Talk to our lineup of news channels, further expands their availability to a nation of listeners.”


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