Salim Ahmad: Islamism is Serious Political Threat to West


Excerpted from Clarion Project: Salim Ahmad is the Secretary-General of theSalim AhmadSalim Ahmad Muslim Canadian Congress. He is a graduate of the University of Punjab in Pakistan and moved to Canada in 1974.The Muslim Canadian Congress says it believes “in a progressive, liberal, pluralistic, democratic, and secular society where everyone has the freedom of religion.”

The following is Salim Ahmad’s interview with the Clarion Project’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro:

Ryan Mauro: You were recently on SUN News Network to discuss the involvement of the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, with Islamists. Can you summarize for us what the problem was, and how he reacted when he learned of the group’s background?

Salim Ahmad: The problem can be summarized very simply. Justin Trudeau was consorting with those who seek the destruction of Western civilization as a long-term goal of international Islamism, as reflected in the works of Syed Qutb of the Arab Muslim Brotherhood and Syed Maududi in the Indo-Pakistani Jamaat-e-Islami.

Can you imagine Canadian Prime Minister Diefenbaker visiting the offices of the Communist Party offices during the Cold War when it was seeking the destruction of the West and its socio-economic order? Islamism is, in a way, a far more serious political threat to the West as it hides behind the cover of Islam, camouflages its true agenda behind multiculturalism and deceives even the most wise among the politicians by employing disarming smiles and sporting inter-faith demeanor.

We don’t know how Justin Trudeau reacted to our denunciation of his flirtation with the ISNA-Canada. He has surrounded himself with Islamists who have ensured the man has no chance of ever meeting secular or liberal Muslims to hear our perspective without him being surrounded by his Saudi-born advisor.

Mauro: How much support has your anti-Islamist cause received from Muslim-Americans?

Ahmad: I hate to admit, but very little. Too many well-meaning Muslims rally around the Islamist organizations as an act of what I call “Muslim patriotism.”

The Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups in the U.S.A. are well-funded from Gulf Arab states and Saudi sources, whereas those Muslims who oppose this cancer are ill-financed and disorganized and often are lone individuals seeking star status who are unready to work in disciplined groups. The one exception is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and his American-Islamic Leadership Coalition that has made some headway.

The fact that no more than 10% of North American Muslims regularly attend a mosque means they are amenable to reason, but the challenge is how to reach them and engage them. Whereas the Islamists use their mosques as political offices, people like us are busy as “9-to-5” Muslims trying to work out way through our mortgages and family responsibilities. Keep Reading


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