Rush Caller: What if Al Qaeda is ‘Framing’ Assad?



RUSH: All right. So here’s the deal. Last week, Obama reverses himself and says that he’s not gonna go into Syria. Remember, they’re using nerve gas. John Kerry goes out there, 1,500 people, 2,400 people, a lot of kids, nerve gas, sarin gas, got the proof. Look, I’m gonna get into all the hypocrisy. Yes, Kerry dining with Bashar back in 2009 and talking about what a great guy Bashar was. The bottom line is this administration is as incompetent as Jimmy Carter. There’s only one difference. If there were anybody else running this administration right now, this would be reported as incompetent and as buffoonish and as frightening at Jimmy Carter’s. This is Jimmy Carter’s second term here. This is absolutely frightening what’s happening here. Obama with this inadvertent, trying to make himself look like a tough guy, red line comment this past summer. Well, the Syrians crossed the red line, so Obama’s obligated. And late in the week last week, he said, “You know what? I’m gonna go get congressional authority,” after maintaining he didn’t need it, maintaining he didn’t want it, maintaining he’s gonna be a tough guy, gonna act alone. He’s gonna save the people of Syria. He’s gonna make sure this Bashar guy gets what’s coming to him.

Then all of a sudden he switches gears we’re told after a walk Friday night on the White House grounds. Yes. He decided he’s gonna use congressional authority. He’s gonna go to Congress. Now, when this announcement was made — ’cause this had been discussed. I mean, the idea of congressional authority for use-of-force authorization had been discussed. There had been test votes taken by virtue of interview. At the time, there was no way Congress was gonna authorize it. Didn’t stand a prayer, which Obama knew, which the point was to blame Republicans. It was the Limbaugh Theorem in play. Obama forget about it essentially. The plan was change direction, reverse field, announce that he’s gonna go to Congress to get a use-of-force authorization, and then when the Republicans don’t give it to him, blame them for dead Syrians.

That was the plan. It still may be the plan. Blame the Republicans, the Limbaugh Theorem, a new strain of it. I get into arguments with people about this who still do not understand that no matter what the issue, no matter what day of the week, the either number one or number two objective in the world of Barack Obama is the elimination of any opposition. You cannot take the 2014 midterm elections out of this equation. You cannot remove from this equation just how desperate the Democrats are to win the House in 2014. Anything that can be done to blame the Republicans.

When you have a slavish media on your side, you’ve huffed and you’ve puffed and you announce the red line and you draw the red line and you talk about how horrible it is that anybody would use nerve gas on their own people, except Saddam. When Saddam does it, it isn’t a big deal. John Kerry goes out there on Friday, cites intelligence sources, telling what happened. Well, we can’t believe intelligence sources. These guys told us back in 2002, 2003, Kerry, Obama, Hillary, they all told us, intel lies, Cheney made it up. So now we’re being asked to believe the very institutions these people have destroyed. They did their best to destroy the CIA’s reputation and MI6 in the UK, and any other group that did intel, any other nation around the world.

Anyway, the change of direction. I don’t know, cowardly, politics. Blame the Republicans for it. Roll the dice that they won’t grant you the use-of-force authorization. Okay, what happens if they do? If they do then you’re home free. You can’t lose either way here, politically. It’s not about the people of Syria. It’s about Barack Obama. Everything’s always about Barack Obama. I got another media montage that I have coming up for you in due course here. Washington media spent the Labor Day weekend wringing their hands, a little bit upset. The elitists spending their last weekend of the summer in the Hamptons were worried, Obama looked like an idiot here. Remember, this guy has been a theoretician sipping cocktails and trading theories in faculty lounges all across elitist institutions of higher learning. These people have had the best ideas. These people have been smarter than everybody else. They thought Obama was the smartest, greatest guy. Never mind the fact that he essentially went from state senator to president of the United States, zero foreign policy experience except for saying Saddam was not worth anything. That was the extent of it. Now all of a sudden even Fareed Zakaria, does the CNN show from the dashboard of his car, Fareed Zakaria GPS. Even Fareed’s nervous. Fareed’s embarrassed. We got the sound bites.

All these leftist, elitist foreign policy so-called experts nervous as hell ’cause Obama looked like an idiot. Looked like he was backing down, huffing and puffing and backing down and going to Congress. These guys hate Congress. The Republicans run Congress. Why are you gonna defer to Congress? It’s all about setting up blame if they don’t grant the use-of-force authorization. By the way, McCain and Boehner are on board for it. Boehner just came out of the White House, “Whatever the president wants.” Wall Street Journal, Kimberley Strassel, I’ll give you the pull quote.


No, I still haven’t gotten to the primary point. I’m setting it up. Sit tight, folks. Don’t go anywhere. Can’t afford to miss this. Pull quote from Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal. I hope you’re sitting down here. It’s the Wall Street Journal, not the New York Times. Ahem. “The challenge for Republicans is to do just that, to remember (no matter how painful) that this is not a vote about the president or his machinations. The only question before Republicans is this: Will they send a message to the world’s despots that America will not tolerate the use of weapons of mass destruction? If they will not send that message, they risk complicity in this president’s failed foreign policy.”

So the urge here from the Wall Street Journal is (summarized), “Look, you Republicans, let Obama snooker you. Let him snake you. Let him make you look like a fool. You gotta be bigger than that. The country’s reputation is at stake! We cannot allow this guy, Bashar al-Assad, to nerve gas his own people with impunity, otherwise we don’t stand for anything. You may think that you are screwing Obama by not granting him the use-of-force authorization, but all you’d be doing is sabotaging your own country.”

So, once again, a piece of advice to the Republicans is, “Bite the bullet! Bend over. Be bigger and give the president what he wants for the sake of America,” and Boehner and McCain are eager to do just that. Now in all of the headcount polls and this kind of thing right now, the use-of-force authorization would not pass. There’s another thing, folks. (interruption) No, I still haven’t gotten the main point. It’s all leading up there. Just sit tight.

You have here, ostensibly, Bashar al-Assad nerve gassing his own people. Sarin gas. Lurch told us. John Kerry. He told us this Friday. Obama’s got the red line drawn out there. They crossed the red line. Obama’s manhood is on the line. Oh, my God, he’s a gotta huff and puff! He’s been huffing and puffing. All of a sudden, “You know what? To hell with it! I’m gonna wait awhile. I’m gonna wait on Congress.” Wait a minute. People are dying, I thought. He’s nerve gassing people! He’s nerve gassing his own people, chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, and we’re gonna wait for Congress to get back? We gotta wait a few days, rather than strike now? ‘Cause all we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have a, what, three-minute to five-hour strike, whatever it takes to show that… (interruption)

Yeah, the assets are already in place and we’re gonna launch ’em for three minutes to five hours. That’s the length of time we’re talking about here. Get in, get it, and get out. Why wait? I thought time was of the essence here! I mean, he’s nerve gassing his own people. Anyway, here’s the point, folks: Four different people now, and the third one was just this morning, are asking, “What if Bashar didn’t do it? What if Bashar is being framed? “What if Al-Qaeda is setting off their own chemical weapons on their own people, if the rebels are nerve gassing their own people to create exactly what is happening, us mobilizing to get rid of Bashar because they can’t for some reason.” So they use chemical weapons on their people, it gets blamed on Bashar, we go in and take Bashar out or do something and end up on the same side as “the rebels,” in this case Al-Qaeda.

What if Bashar is being framed?

What if Bashar didn’t do it?

Sit tight, ’cause I’ve got a story by a man whose credibility is intact and beyond repute. His name is Yossef Bodansky. He “is an Israeli-American political scientist who served as Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives from 1988 to 2004. He is also Director of Research of the International Strategic Studies Association and has been a visiting scholar at Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

“In the 1980s, he served as a senior consultant for the Department of Defense and the Department of State. He is also a senior editor for the Defense and Foreign Affairs group of publications and a contributor to the International Military and Defense Encyclopedia and is on the Advisory Council of The Intelligence Summit,” and he has a piece today in Defense and Foreign Affairs. “There is a growing volume of new evidence” that the White House knew and possibly helped plan a Syrian chemical weapon attack by the opposition.

This is the first scholarly piece on it that I’ve seen.

So I want to throw this out to you, after the break here, as just a possibility, ’cause I’ve heard from a couple people who have lived in the Middle East (some of them claim to know Bashar) who say, “Basher just wouldn’t do it. He just wouldn’t gas his own people. There’s nothing in it for him. What’s in it for him to do this, other than get what’s happening now? What’s in it for him? Who benefits here by nerve gas being used, and how do you make the case that Bashar benefits?”

Anyway, that’s just speculation.

That’s not part of the scholarship in the piece.


RUSH: My friends, do you remember when the Syrian rebels overran and controlled a government base that had chemical weapons last summer? Even Leon Panetta admitted that chemical weapons may have fallen into their hands. This was last summer. I doubt that you remembered this. I doubt that anybody remembers it. Even people who keep up with the news every day, I doubt that anybody remembers that, so I want to remind you. Keep Reading


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