O’Reilly Attacks Opposition to Syria Strikes: We Can’t ‘Let Evil Go Unchallenged’


2 thoughts on “O’Reilly Attacks Opposition to Syria Strikes: We Can’t ‘Let Evil Go Unchallenged’

  1. Pathetic! So Murdering Coptic Christians isn’t evil or worthy of even one word from Obama. The 2 million Christians Murdered in Africa is also no big deal; but Assad – the same Tyrant that Kerry, Clinton and Biden called a “reformer’ and attacked Bush for not embracing….he is the evil we need to challenge. Who cares if opposing Assad requires us to fight on the Side of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood – Obama loves the Muslim Brotherhood!

  2. Reblogged this on Brittius.com and commented:
    Unfortunately, I beg to differ with Mr. O’Reilly. Cannibalism committed by the rebel al-Qaeda combatants. Terrorists funded by the president, whose brother-by-another-mother, is an inside member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Suspicion alone of the president being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now for the cherry on the cake, I will not offer the president arming children overseas with full automatic assault weapons having high capacity ammunition magazines, while he is spitting upon the United States Constitution, in particular, the Second Amendment. So, not raising that as issue, what about saving the lives of all those innocent lives in America? You know what I am talking about. The aborted babies that are paid by the US taxpayer. Fifty-five million a year, if that number is accurate? Murdering babies as US policy but no one, is held accountable for the government’s stance. If anything, the nations of the world touting to be civilized, urbane and learned, should be outraged, and demand an end to it. The Syrian Dilemma, should be the exclusive domain of the United Nations. It is precisely the type of conflict the UN was Chartered for. Only two places on Earth where Blue Helmets would never work are the US and Russia, where in both countries, blue helmets would be shot on sight by the people. Possibly a third nation would be China, but that is speculation at this juncture.

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