Arkansas Blocks School’s Plan To Arm Teachers


Excerpted from TheDC – An Arkansas school district’s plan to arm teachers and staff with guns as a safeguard against school shootings has once again been quashed by the state — and this time, perhaps for good.

Clarksville School District was in the final stages of implementing its plan, in which they had already invested time and money, when state Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued an unfavorable opinion on the issue. But since his opinion is non-binding, Clarksville Superintendent David Hopkins vowed to press on earlier this month.

Teachers were still waiting on gun permits from a state licensing board, however.

Now, that board has decided to issue no further licenses, and suspend the ones it previously issued.

“I just think if you’re doing security guards, then the school needs to hire outside security who are trained to do security,” said Jack Acre, one of the seven voting members of the Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Companies, in a statement.

The ruling came as a profound disappointment to Hopkins, who believes the safety of his schools is at stake.

“Our motivation is simply to put something in place to take care of our kids, and that’s been the goal from the very beginning,” he said in a statement.

Still, Hopkins said he has no choice but to comply with the ruling — despite having already put the teachers who agree to carry weapons through a rigorous two-day training program. Keep Reading


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