LOL: Missouri State Fair Forcing All Rodeo Clowns To Undergo ‘Sensitivity Training’

Excerpted from Washington Times – In the wake of a rodeo clown’s anti-Obama skit this weekend, the Missouri State Fair is forcing all clowns to undergo sensitivity training.

The state fair commission voted Monday to ratify the decision to ban the clown in question who wore an Obama mask as the rodeo announcer asked if the crowd wanted to see him get run down by a bull. The crowd enthusiastically approved, according to local media reports.

But the state commission went further, saying it will require that before the Rodeo Cowboy Association can take part in any future state fair, “they must provide evidence to the director of the Missouri State Fair that they have proof that all officials and subcontractors of the MRCA have successfully participated in sensitivity training.”


2 thoughts on “LOL: Missouri State Fair Forcing All Rodeo Clowns To Undergo ‘Sensitivity Training’

  1. Why is it that there are so many American’s scared to make fun of Obama? I think it’s a shame to see this happen. We are American’s folks! How many other Presidents have had this same type of razzing? Why is it not o.k. for Obama? Stop being afraid and make a stand. We ARE American’s and as I recall they work for us, we DO NOT work for them!
    This clown had a right to do what he did, it was his job after all. Let him keep his job! Let him make us laugh! Those of you that don’t like it, DON’T WATCH! It’s that simple!!!!!

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