‘Imams of America’ President on Trial for War Crimes…

Excerpted from Creeping Sharia

“He remains on the executive board of ICNA’s New York chapter…”

via Bangladesh War Crimes Trial Proceeds Without ICNA Official

In the United States, Ashrafuzzaman Khan ostensibly is a respected Muslim cleric, president of the Imams of America association and past secretary general of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

In Bangladesh, a court is hearing evidence alleging that Khan is a war criminal, someone who helped draft a list of intellectuals who would later be kidnapped and killed in the final days of the 1971 war of liberation against Pakistan.

Khan, 65, is being tried in absentia. Bangladesh’s International Crimes Tribunal ruled last month that “there are sufficient and substantial materials” to warrant proceeding to trial against him on 11 war crimes counts.

He remains on the executive board of ICNA’s New York chapter and has not commented publicly on the allegations. He is being tried along with Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, a prominent imam in the United Kingdom who helped create the Muslim Council of Britain. Keep Reading


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