European Muslims Call for ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks

Excerpted from MidnightWatcher’s Blogspot (Translation) – “In several European countries, young Muslims protested against the arrest of a 19-year-old woman from Zoetermeer. A group of men demonstrated on Saturday in front of the Dutch Embassy in London demanding the release of the Zoetermeer. Other groups also protested for her release in Germany and France.

The 19-year-old from Zoetermeer, named Oum Usamah, was arrested two weeks ago for trying to recruit Dutch Muslims for the civil war in Syria. Via the internet she called upon Muslims in several European countries to protest her arrest.

In London, a group of men demonstrated in front of the Dutch embassy on Saturday morning. They called upon Muslims worldwide to stand up for their sister. ‘We’re doing everything we can to free her’ and carried signs with text in English and Dutch, including one that said ‘Sharia for the Netherlands’.

English, German and French videos and flyers appeared on the internet raising the issue, sometimes with violent text such as, ‘Where is the lone wolf who takes revenge for his sister?’ It is not clear who is behind the campaign. On Saturday a letter appeared on the website ‘True Religion’ for Dutch Muslims in which the writers warned the Dutch government that consequences of the arrest may lead to abductions of Dutch citizens in the Islamic world.

‘Does the Dutch government not know that its house is made of glass, and that they should stop throwing stones at the Islamic community?’ said the letter. ‘We will roar like lions because of our sister’s injustice.’ The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism says it is keeping up to date on the protests, but as yet sees no reason to take action.” Source –

Flashback: Netherlands: National Survey Requested After Muslim Students In Amsterdam Are Perfectly Satisfied With Hitler’s Slaughter Of Jews – “This is an incredible piece of video taken from an interview between a man and several Dutch Muslim youth. The hatred for Jews expressed by these boys is breathtaking. It never ceases to amaze that being likened to Hitler or Nazis is typically considered insulting and usually represents the end of any rational argument. Yet, these youths invoke Hitler’s name as if he was a hero. Meanwhile, Geert Wilders (also Dutch) is the one fighting charges of racism and intolerance.” Read more.


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