Trayvon Protesters Tell Geraldo To ‘Get Out!’, Say Fox News Is ‘Reason Why’ Black Community ‘Is In This Frickin Trouble’

Excerpted from NRO: By noon today, Police Plaza behind the Manhattan Municipal Building was packed with demonstrators awaiting the arrival of Al Sharpton along with Trayvon Martin’s mother and brother, Sybrina and Jahvaris Fulton, to formally kick off today’s “Justice for Trayvon” rally.

When Sharpton and the Fultons arrived shortly after noon, they were accompanied by Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera in the raised area behind the dais. (He had no cameraman and seemed to be observing the proceedings as a guest.) When a handful of protesters directly behind me spotted Rivera, they began to complain loudly, repeatedly shouting, “Get Fox out!” and “What are you doing here?” and describing the network as “disgusting” (and another, less decorous term). The anti-Fox crowd was sufficiently vocal to compel Sharpton’s attention from the podium; he quieted them down by saying, “Don’t get distracted, let’s focus on what we’re doing now.”That focus was on Florida’s “stand-your-ground” law, and similar laws around the country which have been targeted for criticism after Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin, although Zimmerman’s attorneys did not invoke the Florida statute in his defense. Sharpton declared, “That law hurts blacks, whites, and Asians . . . this is a human thing!” He told the crowd that stand-your-ground invites racial profiling, and he compared its impact on black Americans today to the past effect of slavery and segregation: Keep reading


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