Disgusting – Nazi-themed restaurant complete with Hitler memorabilia and waiters in SS uniforms sparks outrage

Excerpted from THE BLAZE



Soldatenkaffee is a local business in Indonesia, but it gained international attention over the past week due to its Nazi decor that appears to glorify Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. That negative publicity this weekend prompted the owner to remove the offending decorations and consider his next steps.

According to an Associated Press reporter who filed a story on the establishment, cafe had a red wall displaying Nazi memorabilia, including a large red-white-and-black flag emblazoned with the swastika and a large photo of Adolf Hitler.

That’s not all. Waiters dressed in the uniform of the infamous SS, the Schutzstaffel, which terrorized Jews, other minorities and Germany’s enemies during World War II. The organization was outlawed after the war, as it was a key participant in the atrocities the Nazi’s committed during the Holocaust.

The restaurant serves schnitzel and German beer and according to AFP was named after the popular German soldier hangout in occupied Paris during World War II.

The AP reported that though the cafe has been open for two years, a recent article in a local English-language newspaper brought wider attention to the establishment and with that angry criticism.

It also prompted Ayi Vivananda, deputy mayor of Bandung – where the restaurant is located – to send a letter to owner Henry Mulyana inviting him to meet with local officials to examine if racial hatred was behind his choice of the Nazi theme.

“Those symbols are internationally recognized to represent violence and racism,” Vivananda said, according to the AP. Keep Reading


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