Real War On Women – Woman Doused with Acid for Leaving Abusive muslim Husband…


MANSEHRA: Three family members, including two women, were severely injured and burnt in an acid attack in Balakot on Tuesday, said the police.

Haroon, a resident of Khet Frash village, told the police his daughter, Sumaira Bibi, 21, was targeted by her husband Muhammad Arif and his four brothers after she left him.

Haroon said Sumaira often complained about her relationship with her husband, claiming she was repeatedly physically abused by her in-laws who ill-treated her over petty domestic issues.

Speaking to journalists, Haroon said he had advised his daughter to settle matters on her own. However, the assaults sustained by Sumaira soon became unbearable and she left her in-laws and came home to her parents’ house a few days ago after being beaten by her husband and mother-in-law.

Haroon claimed Arif and his brothers barged into their residence on Tuesday and thrashed Sumaira, her mother Atar Jan, and brother Sajawal using rifle butts. Following this, the accused threw acid on the victims and fled, added Haroon.

Locals shifted the wounded to Mansehra Hospital where Atar Jan is said be in critical condition. A case has been registered against Arif and his brothers, but no arrests were made till the filing of this report.


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