Gunmaker TrackingPoint Technology, building ‘super gun’ capable of shooting over 3,100 YARDS with pinpoint accuracy

Excerpted from THE DAILY CALLER

TrackingPoint Technology, creators of Xact precision-guided firearm technology, wants to push the limit of long-range shooting. The company announced Wednesday that they are developing a “super gun” that will be able to shoot accurately over 3,100 yards, “farther than the longest confirmed long-range small arms shot of all time,” according to the release.

“What we have tried to do is allow technology to take what usually takes many years to get good at, the skill sets of long-range marksmanship, and to make the experience a better one,” Jason Schauble, TrackingPoint CEO told the Daily Caller.

TrackingPoint’s expectation is that the super gun will be able to accurately shoot farther than both the longest confirmed and unconfirmed kills at 2,707 and 3,079 yards, respectively. Craig Harrison, a British sniper, set the 2,707 yard Guinness World Record when he killed two Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan in 2009.

“Initially, we are doing the development project partly to see if it can be done, and I want to challenge the engineering staff to continue to develop things that are challenging,” Schauble said.

Announcement of a Super Gun project comes just months after TrackingPoint debuted the first “Precision Guided Firearm” that can shoot accurately over 1,000 yards. The Xact PGF technology allows shooters to make accurate first shots and then share those shots via social media.


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