Local Officials Using Stealth To Put Agenda 21 & ICLEI Into Every City, Town & County Of America

Excerpted from FREEDOM OUTPOST

We all know that politicians play fast and loose with the truth — when running for office to get our vote, once they get into office in order to stay there — whenever it is expedient to do so. The general public has become apathetic about politics and elections and one major reason is because of this. They lie.

This is about lying by our local officials here in Knoxville. Might this not be considered just white lies and of really no consequence in today’s world of consummate political liars? Read it then decide it for yourself.

What did she know and when did she know it?

In January of 2012, newly elected Mayor Rogero said that until a month before (i.e., December 2011) she had no idea of what Agenda 21 was. From “Meet the new boss: Mayor Madeline Rogero,” Metro Pulse, January 4, 2012 we read:

But connoisseurs of right-wing conspiracy theories are fond of regarding Rogero as a secret operative for the United Nation’s ominous-sounding Agenda 21, which reputedly aims to force innocent suburbanites out of their houses. When we asked her directly if any of that were true, we watched her face closely for any tics that might belie her true status. It turns out she thinks it’s all pretty funny. “I had to look that up, about a month ago, when I saw that surfacing about ‘Agenda 21,’” she says, laughing. “I didn’t even know what it was. So no, I’m not a part of that.”

That story was written January 2012, but in an email sent October 2011, three months earlier,
from Susanna Sutherland to rogero@comcast.net, and titled “Agenda21 Talking Points,” are these statements:

Bill said you were under Agenda 21/ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiative) fire and asked me to note talking points to you. We went through this with the Governor’s campaign, and below is the text that created his standard response:

Dear X,

Thank you for sending the Agenda 21 letter and link to the City of Knoxville’s Energy & Sustainability meeting notes from 2007. I do not support Agenda 21 and did not sign the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, in spite of receiving regional pressure to do so and being one of the few East Tennessee mayors who did not. I am also not an ex-officio member of ICLEI’s board.

As stated in the notes link you sent, I am an ex-officio member of the City of Knoxville’s Energy & Sustainability Task Force, which works on identifying areas or efficiency improvements. The City is a member of ICLEI because it provides valuable networking opportunities with other cities (Chattanooga, Nashville, Oak Ridge, Franklin, Atlanta) in our region who are also working to improve municipal efficiency in light of our increasing energy costs. . ..

Also attached is a Q&A sheet from ICLEI, which they generated after Knoxville and some other cities had similar political situations. The PDF is a direct ICLEI response to Knoxville’s stress. FYI, I don’t see the City renewing dues next year, due to the amount of defending we’ve had to do of the organization and amount to which they lean on us as a regional leader, weighed against the spare software/policies we get from them in return. . ..


Did Rogero forget everything she knew about Agenda 21 sometime between October 2011 and January 2012? By now some readers are now regurgitating Hillary, “What difference at this point does it make?”
Do you mean, what difference that she lied, or is it what she lied about? The fact that she lied just lets us know how far she will go to keep her agenda hidden; the bigger issue is that agenda. That email has a number of damning things in it.

If it were only as simple as another lie from a politician. According to Bill Haslam, Rogero was the person who “slipped” ICLEI in on his watch. She very well may have done that, but does anyone really believe he didn’t know about it? The above email makes it pretty convincing that Haslam knew a lot about Agenda 21 and its invasion into the local body politic (an email further down in this article is even more incriminating for Haslam).

Since becoming governor, Haslam had done nothing to make anyone really believe he is against Agenda 21 or for personal freedom (you can’t be for Agenda 21 and individual rights at the same time). His actions should open the eyes of those who think Republicans are any better than Democrats as far as the globalist agenda is concerned. In 2007, a City of Knoxville press release stated: Knoxville is a member of Local Governments for Sustainability, also known as ICLEI after a former name, and is using ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) program as the framework for this project. And the only resolution placed before him that he has failed to sign as Governor was the one written last year against Sustainable Development. Thus our concluding that Haslam and Rogero’s politics are the same is easily understandable.

The Talking Points (initially for Haslam) in the email from Susanna Sutherland to Rogero (see above) has as the first talking point:

Thank you for sending on the Agenda 21 letter and link to the City of Knoxville’s Engery & Sustainability meeting notes from 2007. I do not support Agenda 21 and did not sign the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement . . .. Keep Readng


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