Caught on Video: Border Patrol Agents Shatter Driver’s Window After He Refuses to Cooperate at Random ‘Internal’ Checkpoint in Calif.

Excerpted from THE BLAZE

Border Patrol agents shattered a driver’s window at a random checkpoint in Pine Valley, Calif., when he apparently refused to cooperate with law enforcement officials or consent to a warrantless search of his vehicle. The driver was then removed from his car and put in handcuffs.The man in the video claims he was stopped at an “internal” Border Patrol checkpoint, meaning inside the United States and not on the U.S.-Mexico border, on May 31. However, the exact location of the checkpoint has not yet been confirmed.

He says he refused to roll the window down or talk to Border Patrol agents at the checkpoint, clearly arousing suspicion from law enforcement officials.

The man in the video, who was apparently taking photos to document the incident, then claims a German shepherd drug dog was dispatched to inspect his car. He says the dog detected no drugs in his car but detected 42 grams of marijuana in the car next to him.

After consulting with other law enforcement officials, including the Sheriff’s office, video shows the Border Patrol smashing the driver’s front window and remove him from the car.

Judging from the mounted camera in his car, it seems that the man in the video may have specifically sought out the checkpoint to videotape his resistance to the procedure.

While the tactics of individuals who apparently seek out checkpoints to antagonize law enforcement officials have been criticized, police officers have also come under scrutiny for losing their cool and at times potentially crossing the line with potential suspects who are uncooperative or disrespectful.

Here is a close-up shot of the window-smashing:

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One thought on “Caught on Video: Border Patrol Agents Shatter Driver’s Window After He Refuses to Cooperate at Random ‘Internal’ Checkpoint in Calif.

  1. I do not see any valid “Point” this man made by not cooperating with the guards at the check point. After all “you idiots” our borders need protecting and sometimes you and I have to go along with the program ! His actions did no good, nor did they promote any valid “example” of police abuse. I think he’s lucky his window is the only thing that got smashed. Protecting our borders requires extra measures, without those measures there are terrorist and other law breakers who will “exploit” any loop hole they can.

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